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The old way

Pam Beesly3:38 PM

Hey, where's the query for this report?


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Katie Bauer @imightbemary · Aug 21, 2023

Software engineers hate no code until someone asks them to write a SQL query




Ph.Demetri @PhDemetri · Dec 9, 2022

Debugging SQL is such a pain in [REDACTED]




Michael Scott11:47 AM

Sorry, I'm going to need a few hours to update the report


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Now, with Learity

Show me the total sales per month in the last 5 months

All values are in USD.

Source: Retail database

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Leverage Generative AI to ask questions in natural language to the most popular databases.

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Integrations with the most popular databases and adding more...

Collaborative by nature

Involve your team and share data insights faster.

Responses are instant

Stop bothering your Data Analyst, just write your question and Learity gives you and answer in seconds!
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    • Searching databases with natural language is a great user experience.

      Adam Silverman
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    • I can quickly generate beautiful dashboards and charts from my database, even though I'm not tech-savvy.

      Emily Davis
      Sales Director
    • As a non-technical person, I used to dread dealing with databases and SQL queries. With Learity, I can create stunning dashboards with ease.

      Sarah Thompson
      Marketing Manager

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